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    Body and Seoul started as a simple idea with a simple mission: to help people feel more confident in their own skin – to “Start loving your skin”.  When something is believed in or done ‘body and soul’ it is done or believed completely.  Set up by skincare enthusiasts including a plastic surgeon, we constantly test the newest and most innovative K-Beauty products entering the market. Our carefully curated collections give you access to a vast array of the most highly rated, innovative and affordable products on the K-Beauty scene. The Korean ‘skin first’ philosophy, puts your skin at the core of any beauty regimen making sure that your skin is made as flawless as possible in order to act as the best canvas it can conceivably be for make-up. This concept ensures that your make-up applies and wears beautifully with little or no need to hide any blemishes (as these Korean routines would iron them out pronto!). The idea here is that you have radiant, healthy skin for a lifetime, rather than only looking good in the moment. The best make up is healthy glowing skin but we all know that this flawless skin doesn't happen overnight. This is why Korean brands focus on customisable skincare routines featuring targeted product formulations and high-powered ingredients, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.


      We work closely with the South Korean brands and all products that we sell are 100% authentic South Korean beauty products and sourced directly from the official company or authorised distributors. We mainly focus on offering clean Korean beauty products, and always seek out products that are natural, plant-based and packed with unique ingredients. We make Korean beauty accessible to those in the United Kingdom and Europe, letting our customers experience the difference. You will be amazed by how effective Korean skin care products are!  Body and Seoul aims to propagate and educate skincare newbies and enthusiasts alike on the Korean skincare philosophy. And because we deliver the products to your doorstep, you can discover the products in the comfort of your own home. We want to change the way people think about their skin and how they treat it. Our life has become busier every day, but we want you to reserve some me-time to rewind and relax. Start your skin care journey of discovery with Body and Seoul. And if you don’t see something you want, let us know!



        At Body and Seoul, we always try our best to reduce waste. While we can't do much about the individual product packaging we only use recyclable plastic and rather than over-the-top fancy packaging we use a simple, white box or paper bag that does what it needs to do - deliver goods to our customers. At Body and Seoul we want your skin to look clean and beautiful, we are just trying to do the same for our mother Earth! Extra boxes, wrappers, ribbons, crinkle paper or frills may look pretty and add a few seconds of excitement to your unboxing experience, but they also add an unnecessary burden to the planet. Start loving your skin by loving your planet!